Step 1

Accept the Severity of Our Predicament

Only after discerning where we are, can we discern the path to where we want to go.

Acceptance is often listed as the last stage of the grieving process. For us, acceptance is the beginning, not the end.

The human and other-than-human beings who inhabit this planet need us to wake up and to stay awake. When we become aware of the scope and severity of our predicament, we must not retreat into apathy or distraction. We must invite the grief into our being and let it move through our whole animal body.

If you’re interested in participating in or creating a Climate Grief Group, you are probably already aware of the losses which are being and will be caused by climate change and by the continued growth of industrial civilization. While staying informed is important, remember that “doom scrolling” or unmindful consumption of “disaster porn” is unhealthy.

If, however, you want to understand why other people are experiencing climate grief and eco-anxiety, click here for some useful resources.

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