Climate Grief Groups

Climate Grief Groups are for those living with an awareness of loss due to climate change and the collapse of our environmental and social systems who need a safe space to share and witness those complex feelings—like grief, despair, fear, guilt, dread, powerlessness, overwhelm, and burnout—which are increasingly common in these chaotic times, but which are often unwelcome in mainstream activist spaces.

We are part of the Good Grief Network.

Why a Climate Grief Group?

It is one ironies of climate activism that, in striving for a more sustainable way of life, we often pursue our activism in a totally unsustainable way. The mainstream environmental movement has failed to create spaces where we can talk about our sense of loss and grief. Until we do, we are never going to be in right relationship with nature, with ourselves, or with each other. The purpose of the Climate Grief Groups is to create such a space, with the belief that facing difficult feelings honestly will lead to more appropriate and effective action. We strive to follow the counterintuitive wisdom of Bayo Akomolafe: “The times are urgent. Let’s slow down.”

The 12 Steps

Acceptance is the beginning, not the end.

Create Your Own Group

For suggestions on how to start a Climate Grief Group